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Ryan McIntosh
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, hard drives, frame
Full Charge/Low or Empty, acrylic, silkscreen inks on canvas
Battery Painting #5, acrylic on canvas

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Appertaining to art, nearly all mediums have been impacted fundamentally by the emergence of computers. This influence has abruptly woven itself within the complex relationship between man and technology. Although palpable to many, technology is the precursor to what I refer to as the pre-future of art. As an artist, it is imperative that my work immortalizes and raises question about this transitional period of change in history. Time has always been reflected through art, and today our time is cleverly facilitated by a binary series of ones and zeros, becoming the new paint on our canvas.

Ryan was born in Palm Springs, CA in 1984. Ryan received his BFA degree from the University of Arizona in 2007. He currently lives in Providence, RI where he is completing his MFA degree in printmaking at Rhode Island School of Design with an expected graduate date of 2011.



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