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Curated by Michele Jaslow and Spring Hofeldt the show Programmed features installations made with obsolete electronics. The artwork in this show invites a discussion on recycling, the history of these items, where they come from and what they have been replaced by. The focus is on rethinking the relationship with these electronic objects that are no longer in use. The artwork in this show references Marcel Duchamp's ready-made/mass-produced items that were made into (individual) artworks, and also examine the fetishizing of these electronics that are then discarded.

Read about Programmed in the Brooklyn Eagle, Culturebot and ArtsFinder.

Discarded electronics supplied by The Mac Support Store in Brooklyn, NY. An environmentally conscious business, The Mac Support Store provides free recycling of discarded electronics at no cost to the local community. The Mac Support Store is also a partner in NYC's Retailer Take-Back Program.

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