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Mario Marchese
Polygraph, electric sculpture
Recycled Etcha-Sketcha, electronic sculpture

Recycled Etcha-Sketcha

Mario's artwork is an exploration in motion, sound, computers, mechanics, electronics, and automation. Found, salvaged, and repurposed objects play a large role in the pieces, reflecting a mixture of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology. From the simplicity of wind-up toys to the intricacy of sensors and micro-controllers, the techniques represent a progression, forward and backward, through various forms of interaction between an audience and the art. The art comes into its full beauty when interacting with its audience.

Mario Marchese is a New York-based emerging artist and full-time magician. Mario’s late teens and early twenties were spent traveling around the country, hitch-hiking, woodworking, building a treehouse, herding sheep, street performing, and so much more. Eventually, he found himself back in his hometown in New York and decided to pursue his greatest passion, magic, professionally. Mario's artwork is a natural extension of his life experiences and profession. After several years of creating these interactive pieces, 2009 marked the year in which Mario debuted his works to the public.



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