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Nancy Lunsford
Bone, Digital, Submit, Babe, Jewels, mixed media

Bone, Digital, Submit, Babe, Jewels

For several years I have been exploring geometric shapes and their manifestation in traditional folk art and nature. The universal recurrence of certain patterns in nature (spirals, hexagons, grids of crystals or compressed cells) are echoed in man made expression: quilts, weaving, ben-day dots and pixilation.

My use of computer elements in this work reflects this connection and goes even further. When I first disassembled a Mac computer a few years ago to find electronic parts for a piece, I was struck by the delicacy, the color, complexity and almost life-like nature of these machines we take for granted and regard as cold and mechanical. Conversely, after prying off the plastic letters of discarded keyboards, I saw beneath the cool facade of the computer the hair and lint and sticky residue of it's past owner. I was reminded of lines from a Gerard Manley Hopkins poem:

"...all is seared with trade; bleared, smeared with toil;
And wears man's smudge and shares man's smell..."

It is this nexus between human nature and our machines that interests me. I see the machines as an extension of ourselves, of our highest aspirations and of our most base needs.

Nancy Lunsford
Programmed Show 2009



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